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Address: 91A Tanjong Pagar Road,
Singapore 088512

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Located on Tanjong Pagar Road, offers a comprehensive range of hair services to its clients. Its team of experts is well equipped to fix and repair sub-optimal results with hair services such as scalp therapy treatment, nourishing treatment, etc. With welcoming, friendly staff and a cozy atmosphere, a comfortable and satisfactory experience is guaranteed!


Advanced Scalp Therapy
Experience our Advanced Scalp Therapy now. It helps to exfoliate the scalp dead skin cells, remove any build up to let your scalp and promote hair growth by using our 3L Therapy.

Anti – Aging Scalp Therapy

An innovative concept that contains the patented ingredients which accelerates blood circulation and inhibits DHT production – induces angiogenesis


Refreshing Scalp Therapy

Experience our Refreshing Scalp Therapy by feeling rejuvenate and refreshing after the treatment. Our Refreshing Scalp Therapy helps to exfoliate the scalp dead skin cells, stimulate and improve blood circulation on the scalp.

Nano Hair Restoration

Nano Hair restoration procedure is performed without the use of any chemicals, it consists of using 4 strandsΒ of synthetic hair, attaching it to a single healthy strand of hair, thus creating the look of 5 strands of hair.


3L Therapy
3L Therapy which promotes healthier, rejuvenated hair by waking up tired hair to produce hair that looks shinier and healthier. Hair growth thicker on thinning area, Strengthens hair follicles

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