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How does 3L Therapy work?

The AkstraΒ 3L Therapy uses light energy to promote cellular productivity and increased blood flow to hair. This is achieved through the transfer of energy in the form of photons, which gives cells excess energy to work with. Cells with a combined increase in blood-flow, bring nutrients to the hair that results in hair growth and hair rejuvenation.


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Akstra and 3L Therapy at work

Diode Laser is packed full of energy in the form of photons, and when applied to the scalp has various positive effects on your body. Energy from the light is absorbed by the bodies cells, and is said to increase NO (nitric oxide) which is the bodies currency for fuel. The body with increased energy (fuel), works at a supercharged rate, kick-starting and changing chemical and physical responses within the body, and results in biological effects on the applied areas.

Akstra combats pattern hair loss

AkstraΒ 3L Therapy stimulates hair growth through photobiomodulation, promoting a chemical reaction within the hair follicle cells. AkstraΒ 3L Therapy is safe for all hairstyles and a perfect solution to invasive hair loss surgery.

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